So yeah… I was on Twitter today and read a message that sent me to YouTube and kept me there watching Parts 1 through 5 of Malkovich’s Mail.

My thanks to @shericandler via @FilmmakerMag of Filmmaker for putting this out there today. Be sure to check out her site at

For those of you who read the last couple of posts about The Odds of Selling a Spec Screenplay, I urge you to watch all of these videos. It’s a true eye opener and explains one hell of a lot about the SYSTEM that is in place that YOU will have to NAVIGATE through and those competing against you.

And for those of you who thought my numbers were too high… Remember, this is ONE fucking production company we’re talking about. I imagine they receive all the queries, pitches, and letters because of their prodco being listed in a few places online as well as in books.

If you ask ME, my numbers were too low.


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