Any EMOTION that is. How come? You’re a fucking writer but you just won’t GO there.

Why? What are you afraid of?

Maybe YOU don’t know how to feel. That would certainly explain why YOU don’t make me feel…


You’re so caught up in creating some GAG — some WHAMMO — that you forgot to make me feel anything about your story… Your characters. Your screenplay.

Seems simple enough yet the majority of the material I read these days never makes me feel…


No anger. No sadness. No NOTHING.

Did you FORGET?

Did you get so caught up in creating some kind of WHAMMO every ten pages that you forgot to elicit some kind of emotion from me?

Fuck yeah you did. Did you know even Joel Silver (inventor of the 10 page Whammo) likes emotion?

But hey… It’s only MY opinion. Maybe we’re just not as passionate today as we used to be back in the day… LOL.


Maybe we just don’t give a shit.

You think you have conflict because you’ve shown me two characters with differing opinions… Wow. They’re even arguing. Is that the NEW conflict? Sure, I see passive-aggressive behavior just about everywhere I turn these days but I sure as SHIT don’t want to pay $10 or more for the privilege (?) of seeing it on the big screen.

Or on NetFlix. Or on Amazon Prime.

Conflict is supposed to elicit an emotional response in the reader and hopefully, the eventual viewer… Combine REAL conflict with visuals and sound and WHOA… You’ve got my attention.

Or maybe you don’t even know what fucking CONFLICT is. That really wouldn’t surprise me in this day and age where everyone strives to pursue WIN-WIN or political correctness resolutions even though their own agendas are most certainly behind both.

In other words… It’s all bullshit.

I guess what really has me rethinking this is Hollywood. Maybe they’re to blame in more ways than one… Some of the very best screenplays to have been made into movies over the past 50 plus years were screenplays that got rejected time and time again…


Well guess the fuck what?

Too much emotion! Too much conflict! The initial idiots that read these screenplays got too scared that these same emotions — GOOD OR BAD — would most likely be elicited in prospective movie goers IF of course, the script ever made it to the screen.

So they PASSED.

And then the next one passed. And the next and the next but eventually, these screenplays find a home and they did very well because they elicited EMOTION. They make the reader and then of course the audience member actually FEEL SOMETHING.

Hollywood is afraid, plain and simple. Afraid to take a chance or risk anyone feeling anything too extreme. Of course there will be exceptions to the rule and for those extremely rare exceptions, I THANK WHOMEVER had the fucking balls to get the project off the ground.


But these movies sure aren’t coming to my theater(s) very frequently. Yeah, I guess SHIT rolls downhill… Hollywood makes emotionless tripe for the most part so WE end up imitating the ever enlarging piece of shit rolling down the hill.


I got it now.


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