So every few days, I get an email from somebody asking me what happened to the site which, in and of itself is quite interesting because since there was no site until just a day ago, that means, these people had to have gotten my email address from somewhere. Sure, I recognized a few names from prior correspondence but there has also been quite a few I haven’t recognized.

So what happened to the old site?

Something pretty stupid actually…

The domain expired.


Oh yeah… But it gets better… was one of about 6 domains I had registered on the very same day back in October 2005. All these domains were on AUTOMATIC RENEWAL from my PayPal account. So far so good.

So come October 2010, I wasn’t worried about the domain since I knew it was on automatic renewal… And, even if it had NOT been on automatic renewal, here’s the deal… Your registrar is supposed to give you a 30 day grace period to allow you to renew… Maybe with a late fee but you are supposed to get a grace period.

I just happened NOT to be home on the date of expiration… But when I got home, the emails already started coming in asking about the site. I did some checking to see that the domain was now “parked” — so I logged into my registration account and saw that ALL the domains had in fact been renewed EXCEPT for


So further checking revealed that the domain had been swooped up by a domain broker. Huh? These are guys that buy and sell domains on speculation. What I did not know was how he managed to snag my domain instead of it getting renewed. All the other domains in that same account were renewed so why not

I emailed the registrar to no avail… I’ve been using them for YEARS and have always gotten a timely response until now.

I also opened up correspondence between the domain broker and myself… They want $2900.00 for the domain and while I can easily pay to get it back…


Now don’t get me wrong… I accept much of the blame here and I even offered to give them a nice tidy profit for the domain to pay for all their trouble [sic] but they are sticking to their $2900.00 price.


So here I am… Back in the saddle with a new domain. Should be fun. I’ll try to make it fun anyway.


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